Robbie Williams gets Married

Ok, I’ve tried to get a better picture of this dress, but apparently only Hello! Magazine has the exclusive, therefore we will have to wait until next week for the pictures. In the meantime, I give you the cover of August 17th Hello! with a beautiful picture of Robbie and Ayda on their wedding day. Her dress looks very good here, although is not a full shot of it; but look at the bright side there’s Robbie to look at!

For those who didn’t know, Robbie Williams got married last Saturday with his long (est) time girlfriend Ayda Field, in a secret ceremony that was very much on Robbie’s style, he changed location in the last minute (which was genius) and they had their dogs as their bridesmaids (LOL!). According to, Robbie said he was “the happiest man alive” and that his bride looked “like the most beautiful girl in the world”.

Awwwww, that’s why we love you Robbie.

In case you were wondering Mrs. Williams’ wedding gown designer is Monique Lhuillier, and yes I’m going to keep looking for better shots of this dress. 😉


3 thoughts on “Robbie Williams gets Married

  1. rissa5150 says:

    her dress looks very pretty from behind. i like monique lhullier! great choice. tee hee, their bridesmaids were the best.

  2. missberlish says:

    OMG wait until I show the pics of the wedding dress my gf is altering for me. She is adding black sequins and black applique. It’s for a photo shoot we are doing next Sunday,

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