Shoe of the Day: Nine West

Nine West is my favorite shoe store ever (at least in my country) they always have perfect shoes for me. We’re meant to be together. LOL. This is my first of MANY Nine West shoes I plan to post.

Nine West “Eastbound” Stripe.

Although I’ve been dying fot this shoe since I first saw it; now I have to live with the knowledge I will never get it.

*goes to corner and cries*

6 thoughts on “Shoe of the Day: Nine West

  1. rissa5150 says:

    omg!!! i freaking love nine west. it was a sad day when they removed the nine west store at the mall by my house. i swear i’d get a pair each time i went to the mall. and those shoes are so cute! lol, definitely a yacht shoe 🙂

    • Imelda Leen says:

      Yay Rissa!!! you’re my Nine West twin hahahaha… So sad they got your store away from you 😦 We have many Nine West stores in diff malls here and the Outlet.. that’s like heaven for me… LOL!

      • rissa5150 says:

        lol, we are so twins!!! i am so sad they took it away. when i was in vegas, my mom and i went to the fashion mall, and when we spotted the nine west store, we had to go in. this is the store i got my first pair of cute flats *sigh*

  2. Imelda Leen says:

    I got my shoes for High School graduation there…I’ve been addicted ever since. Plus they always fit!… Makes me so happy… *sigh* And mom and I do exactly the same, there’s no just passing Nine West store.. LOL

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