Golden Globes 2011: Best Dressed

I am so very pleased with the ladies this year. They did much, much better than the past Emmy’s and I must thank God because some people weren’t there to ruin my fashion happiness. In any case, here are my Top 5: Best Dressed of the Golden Globes.

1. Olivia Wilde in Marchesa: Absolutely stunning. There are really no words to describe this. Is not only a beuatiful dress, but she know how to wear it. Plus, Louboutin shoes. Can you do any better than that?

2. Eva Longoria in Zack Posen: I kept saying “wow she looks fantastic” every time she showed up on my tv. This dress totally flatters her figure, and reminds me of some vintage styles. Looks amazing from every angle. There’s no other word but perfect for this.

3. Nicole Kidman in Prada: she totally made me proud with this sort of vanilla dress. Looks very good on her, very simple but elegant. Love the little detail on the top.

4. Piper Perabo in Oscar De La Renta: I seriously loved this dress, and I truly think she looked gorgeous. The hair and the lips make the whole outfit perfect.

5. Claire Danes in Calvin Klein Collection: I seriously loved this dress. Claire looks beautiful in it, and the color is just fantastic. She matched it perfectly with the bracelet and quite small earrings. Gorgeous!

Special mentions: Amy Adams, Milla Jovovich, Jane Fonda, Michelle Pfeifer and Lea Michele.


5 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2011: Best Dressed

  1. Wicked says:

    I’ll be posting my faves today
    and while Olivia came very very very close to being my fave, someone ended up just kinda blowing my mind.

    But seriously Leena…..Piper Perabo? I wish the dress fit better at the hips and waist….and her hair kinda freaks me out for some reason. Too much black for me I think.

    Loved Claire Danes, she was like sherbert.

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