Striking Men of the Academy Awards

As usual, I’m going to start this week of Oscar reviews with my list of hottest men of the Academy Awards. I must say they were all fantastic and dashing; but in my list I included those who were drool worthy for me.


1. Hugh Jackman in Salvatore Ferragamo: -Insert long sigh- What can I say about Hugh that has not been said already? The man is absolutely delicious looking! And of course, last night was no exception. That suit is just perfect for him; and since he was perfect I really have no more to say.

2. Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford: I was positively surprised when I saw him. I personally don’t think Justin Timberlake is attractive in any way, but that guy picked a perfect suit for an Oscar ceremony, and he managed to actually piqued my interest. Guys can’t really go wrong with a Tom Ford suit and Justin was proof of that. Well done Justin!!

 3 & 4. Jude Law in Dior & Robert Downey Jr. My number 3 and 4 of this list actually presented 2 awards together and I was having a hard time concentrating. They were both dashing and of course their participation at the Ceremony was great. Both suits were flawles and they looked so very handsome; and well, considering Jude was our Striking Man of last week, this comes as no surprise.

5. Zachary Levi in Gucci: This guy is a mom’s big favorite. I think he looked very very cute and elegant, since I’m not used to see him this ‘formal’, I was positively surprise. Well done Chuck!


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