Emmy 2011: Striking Men

This post brings joy to my heart. It makes it beat a bit faster too. I have to say the boys last Sunday night were GORGEOUS, and they make my selection a bit difficult but here you have them.

1. Timothy Olyphant: I have to say he totally knocked the air out of me. I was there staring at the tv just trying to remember what oxygen was. In a word: PERFECT, the man was absolutely perfect from head to toe. I mean, the suit was very nice, the bowtie, even the the haircut was perfect! Everything in its place. Big A+ to you Tim!

2. Jon Hamm: I noticed yesterday that Jon is usually my favorite boy on the red carpet. At the very moment I spot him on it I say: ‘Oh you magnificent man!’ Thanx to Timothy Olyphant, this time Jon is my second option. However, and as usual, Jon looked fantastic. Loved the suit (Tom Ford, duh!), the hair and that clean, spotless image he always has. In short, what a man!

3. David Boreanaz: Oh David, David! What can I say about you I that haven’t been said. Boy, did he look great! He was all goofy and cute on the carpet, and then presenting the award, I sighed, I always do that when it comes to David. Loved the suit, the hair had an angle that wasn’t very flattering but in general he looked amazing. Dashing!

4. Jason Momoa: Ok, yes. This is my biased choice, so what? I have THE crush on Jason at the moment, so when I saw this picture (becuase sadly I missed him on the carpet) I almost fainted, so of course he needed to be on the list. I was very intrigued by what he might wear to the event, and I can honestly say I am very pleased. I don’t even miss the tie! This is more like him. Great suit, great shoes and his skull rings. He’s like Johnny Depp, he knows how to work things his way.

Special mentions: Jason O’Mara (what a nice surprise to see that man again!), Mark Wahlberg (duh!), Jimmy Fallon (never dissapoints), Hugh Laurie, Peter Dinklage and Guy Pearce.


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