Emmy 2011: Makeup Edition

I must start this post by saying I am not even a bit impressed by the makeups of the Emmy. I thought the ladies were all very beautiful, but as usual I think they lacked a little bit of attitude and boldness when it comes to makeup. Everybody tends to choose the “basic”. I understand it, the more basic you go, the less you risk failing, but even so…I mean, you are a STAR, you have makeup artists lining up to do your makeup, I say ENJOY and try something out of the convencional. But, whatever, even being basic, I thought they did very well. And here are my favorites and remember to click the pictures to enlarge:

Minka Kelly: I admit I didn’t even know the lady, but I liked her make a lot. I can see a little bit of a sparkling eyeshadow in the inside corner of the eyes, to illuminate it, maybe sum light brow on the eyelids (I can’t really tell), eyeliner and mag fake eyelashes. I absolutely LOVED her lipstick.

Claire Danes: In this particular picture you can’t see it very well, but her eyes were a combination of black and silver. I think this is always a very good combination. She opted to wear a very light pink lipstick and the whole set looked very good in the pictures.

Evan Rachel Wood: She also opted to illuminate the inside corner of the eyes, which if you notice is something that is being used A LOT and it’s a very good tricky to increase the size of the eyes, some black or dark grey on the eyelids and lots of fake eyelashes. She wins points to the absolutely flawless skin. Want to know what foundation she was wearing.

Kate Winslet: One word to Kate “DIVA”. I bow to anyone who wears minimum makeup and succeed to look stunning like Kate did. In her case, I can say it has everything to do with classy and style. Her skin looks amazing, she wears little blush, a very natural and neutral lipstick, some brown in her eyes and looks perfect. Cudos to you Kate.

Naya Rivera: I think Naya’s choice was very wise. If you enlarge the picture you’ll see that she opted to wear golden eyeshadow on the bottom part of the eye. This is a very nice trick to illuminate the eyes and gives a very beautiful touch to the makeup itself. It’s actually something everybody can try, you can replace the golden eyeshadow with any other color and give yourself a nice touch of color to your daily makeup.  She is also wearing lots of fake eyelashes (almost ALL of them were), I can see a mix of black and brown on the eyelids. She looked very beautiful!

Heather Morris: I say: if you look like Heather Morris you don’t neet much to look gorgeous, right?! She went with black smokey eyes with a touch of silver in the inside corner to illuminate it (again), lots of fake eyelashes and a glimmering lipstick. Absolutely gorgeous!

Diana Agron: Here we have what was my favorite makeup. In this picture we can’t see it perfectly but she was wearing a dark-shinning-blue eyeshadow, both in the eyelids and in the bottom of her eyes. Also, the design of the makeup was very beautiful, whenever she blinked her eyes it gave an amazing effect. I loved it. Plus, I’ve always thought that dark colors like blue or green are excellent colors to go with purple dresses.

Lea Michelle: I thought she looked beautiful, but really basic makeup. I guess, as she was wearing a red dress and red is a very dangerous color to match with makeup, she chose to wear minimum makeup. I liked her lipstick a lot.

Sofia Vergara: Woman, when I grow up I wanna be just like you! Sofia always looks so hot it’s really unfair to the others. 🙂 She was also wearing red (lots of red this year), so she opted to the “safe” combination of a very light smokey eye with brown, fake eyelashes, some light brown on the bottom of the eyes too and neutral lipstick. Like I said, it’s safe and it always looks good.

Lena Headey: Loved her eyes. Smokey eyes with a combination of grey, black and brown. Surprisingly she was not wearing fake eyelashes and since she went with dark eyes, she opted to wear a neutral, almost lips-like lipstick. I liked it.

Christina Hendricks: Forget what I said about Sofia, when I grow up I want to be just like Christina. I love her hair, love her confidence, love her curves, looooove her! She wore a silver eyeshadow and I can almost bet it was some kind of creamy eyeshadow, black eyeliner, fake eyelashes and her gorgeous smile.

Nina Dobrev: Again a beauty in Red and again the “safe” combination of brow/black smokey eyes, fake eyelashes and note that she wore beige/white pencil inside the eyes, on the waterline and just a smudge of black outside the eyes. Again it’s a trick to enlarge the size of the eyes. Neutral lipstick with a hint of glimmer. I absolutely loved her hair and her dress. To me, she looked stunning!

To notice: Almost all the ladies were wearing some kind of illuminator. Which is expected, since they are going to be photographed like WOW and illuminator always look fantastic on pictures. What I also noted was that almost all of them went for the neutral lipstick, with some sort of variation, but almost all the “lips-like” (nude) color.  In general, I liked a lot. Basic make-up is always safe and it certainly looks good on pictures, but the Drag Queen inside of me needs a little bit more DRAMA to be happy! 🙂

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