Celebrity Look: Solange Knowles

We have a good and bad for today. Here’s the reason why. ūüėČ

While watching the Emmy’s Red Carpet all those weeks ago, I was there looking at the tv, making my draft lists of Best and Worst dressed and I remember I saw Taraji P. Henson in a Blumarine dress, that wasn’t making it to my good list, because of both design and color (that looks like something my grandma would wear to bed, bad bad Taraji); and at that moment my very outspoken brother came in, and in a serious, pensive tone he said: ‘black women should wear bright and bold colors, it looks good on them’.

I looked at him as if he’d grown a second head and just had to agree with him.¬†My 23 year-old, straight, video-game addict, geek, and sometimes slightly metrosexual brother (odd combination I know), made a statement in regards of Fashion that maybe not many women take into consideration. Later on we saw Retta wearing a bright yellow dress and he said: ‘See?’, and went back to his computer games. I was truly baffled.

Remembering that and looking for today’s Red Carpet Celeb, I came across this great outfit worn by Solange Knowles at the Rimmel Party, and I knew this was it.

In a yellow ACNE gown, bright pink lipstick, yellow nails, big hair and a pair of nude heels to complete the outfit, Solange attended the party looking like, what I like to call, an enhanced version of Diana Ross. Surely a bold, but fashionable decision.

I do believe black women look great in bright colors, almost any bold color looks good on them. When it comes to yellow, they surely have the advantage. Thanks to their dark skin, yellow doesn’t make them pale out (which happens to almost every white person) and look like a big block of something lightish walking around. And if, like Solange, they decide to show off their legs and some skin, the result is just impressive and very hard to miss. Two thumbs up, Solo!


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