To get inspired: Bangs!

I LOVE bangs! I think they are super girlie (in the good way) and that they give a very feminine touch to anyone who wears them. Sadly, I can’t have bangs of my own. My hair is curly and it just won’t take bangs.  But if you have straight hair, there are lots of shapes and styles of bangs you can choose to look stunning.

So, next time you think about it, you can have these sexy ladies to inspire you:

One thing you can note is that: bangs go fine with almost every shape of face and any hair color. If you have curly hair and want to try wearing bangs, you can try maybe straighten up just the bangs. Like in Kate Perry and Nicole’s picture.

You can see that the whole lot of their hairs are not completely straight, the hair has subtle waves but the bangs are vey straight. It’s a temporary solution to those, who like me, don’t dare straighten up the whole hair. 🙂


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