To wax or not to wax?

The argument is pretty much out of the question. But when you have a sensitive skin such as mine, sometimes you have to take some desperate, and in many cases, expensive measures. There are different recipes that can work in our favor when it comes to waxing, many of them are actually very budget friendly, and the ingredients can be found in your own refrigerator.

I started making my own wax since I noticed that the area near my eyebrows reddened more than the regular person, and that the effect lasted for, literally, hours. If someone looked at me after a waxing my eyebrows, they would think I recently broke into a fight. Not to mention sometimes it itched.

So, I decided to look for a natural solution and found a recipe for something called Sugaring, that according to the information, it’s an Egyptian practice.

I found on Beautylish (which is becoming my favorite website) a recipe very much like the one I used, but they have another ingredient: honey. Here’s the link to the article, with detailed instructions and some other useful tips.

Note: that recipe can be done with only sugar and lemon also. 😉

You can also take a look at:


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