If the shoe… fits?

Apparently, wearing shoes that are bigger than your actual size it’s a BIG fashion movement in Hollywood. I wonder, why does this happen? Is it THAT difficult to find a pair of designer shoes that fit you? Has ‘exclusivity’ become so important that it’s ok to run around wearing a pair of bigger shoes and looking like a baby girl stealing her mother’s pumps?

I’ve seen Emma Stone, Rihanna, Leah Michelle and now one of the Olsen twins (among other artists that are literally running loose around the world commiting fashion crimes and going unpunished), and had to write something about it. I truly can’t believe they are not able to find a pair of shoes that fit them, or that their stylists/shoppers don’t know their shoe size.

Ashley Olsen at Met Gala, May 2011

Ladies! This is not fashionable, chic or elegant. It’s downright ridiculous not to mention uncomfortable. Someone should give these girls a prize for being able to walk in bigger shoes though, I surely can’t. It looks equally awful if you have a gap at the back of the shoe, or if your toes are trying to run away by themselves (this usually happens to models).

Plus, once you know your shoe size with a certain brand, (because yes I know sometimes it may vary) you know your size for pretty much ever. In my personal experience, Nine West and I have a long love relationship, I try the shoes at the store just to see how I look in them, because I already know my size. Always 8.5. Always. How can you feel ok in a pair of shoes that don’t fit you, really?

To finish this little rant, as the saying goes ‘If the shoe fits, you must wear it’, but if it DOESN’T you can always get another pair that would look totally fabulous on you. Exclusive or not.


2 thoughts on “If the shoe… fits?

  1. Shoe Closzet says:

    I so agree with this post! I almsot cried tears about a pair of Vera Wang Lavendar boots I found for a reasonable price but the fit was off so I had to walk away. Afterall, what’s the point if you look sloppy in your shoe?!?! Nine West in a 8.5 is my go to shoe..I don’t even need to try therm on before purchasing 🙂

    • Erleen H. says:

      I was really worried this was suddenly becoming the latest shoe ‘trend’. What I will never understand is that, I know for a fact that if your feet are not comfortable, the rest of your body won’t be either, so, I don’t know how they do it. A pair of Louboutin heels can be killing, so why add more pressure to your feet?.. I’m so happy I’m not alone on this!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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