Duchess of Cambridge’s Party Wedding Dress

I still remember the moment when everyone paused and waitied (not really patiently) for Catherine Middleton to get off the car, so we all could see her amazing wedding dress, last April. Flawless.

However, this lady not only wore that super awesome dress, she changed her outfit for the reception at the Buckingham Palace, and once again, she decided to wear an Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton that was no less beautiful than the the one she wore for Church.

Less is always more. And in this example we can see that clearly. Sticking to the traditional white, Kate opted for a strapless gown with circle skirt and embroided waist. On top, a white angora bolero cardigan. She also had a little hairdo change, going for a natural wavy look.

Simple and classy. Excellent choice for those moments when bride and groom have to greet every guest, dance, and get some pictures. I think this dress is an excellent choice for modern brides, it has a kind of minimalistic look, and it will work perfectly for those who don’t really want to bother with a long train, and all the dramatic look with the dress. A simple look, can also be gorgeous, as we saw with Kate’s reception dress.


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