Celebrity Look: Jenny McCarthy

I saw this super awesome dress the other day while checking out Polyvore, and a few days later I came across this picture. Result: I had to post it on today’s Celebrity Look.

This week, we have Jenny McCarthy wearing a Victoria Beckham dress to the American Music Awards 2011. I love this dress because it has a certain ‘doll look’ to it, and of course the color is just lovely. The little drape detail that has on the shoulder makes it perfect and wearable for events such as the AMA: with those booties giving it a rockstar look. And it could be a great choice for a more formal event. Peep-toes (I know, I’m biased) would definitaly be the perfect combination to make it look more ‘chic’.

I like Jenny’s platinum blonde hair, I think is some kind of ‘trademark’ for her. However, I’m not a fan of the black roots (sorry Jenny!), and I LOVED her make-up. Again very rockstar. I would have liked for her to wear some earrings though. Nothing too big, but just a tiny detail.


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