The Twilight Bridal by Carolina Herrera

Apparently, Twilight fans were desperate for ‘Breaking Dawn‘ to finally be released, and one of the reasons was Bella and Edward‘s wedding scene. Although this book/movie series aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I must say this dress is gorgeous, and designed by one of my all time favorites: Carolina Herrera.

Once again she betters herself and creates a piece of art in the form of a wedding dress. I love the modern look of it, and that at the same time it maintains those classic, romantic details that make a wedding gown perfect and timeless. The back of the dress is simply perfect, as with most (not the say ALL) of Carolina Herrera’s designs everything is  harmonious, nothing seems out of place with this gown.

As with the shoes, I’m sure every Twilight fan that is planning on getting married has this dress as their very first option, or at least the general look of it. I’m telling you ladies, it’s a GREAT option. You can never go wrong with a Carolina Herrera dress.

(Click on the images to enlarge)


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