NYFW Highlights: Donna Karan

As with her DKNY collection, again Donna Karan delivered an almost entirely black collection. But the resemblance ends there. This collection is much more elegant and chic.

With lots of straight lines and emulating the always elegant and classy tuxedos, Donna takes the the immortal piece of clothing to the next level by adapting it to women’s body and style.This has been done more than a few times by many designers, but still Donna excelled.

I particularly love what she did with the cuffs and the little hats, and the use of red pieces. The dresses are beautiful and elegant, and I really like the shirt/long skirt duo, fabulous! Shoes were magnificent as well. Fantastic work, Donna!

More photos: Vogue – Donna Karan Fall 2012


2 thoughts on “NYFW Highlights: Donna Karan

  1. TayabIqbal says:

    Yeah I’m feeling the cuffs.

    I always either have mine open, or folded in such a way that they do create some kind of shape…straight buttoned up cuffs don’t do it for me.

    You may like this website: Styloko

    • Erleen H. says:

      I totally understand, it gives personality to the whole outfit. However, I like straight buttoned cuffs as long as they have the little clasps. I love those. I think they can make the simplest shirt something very elegant.
      Checked and that’s an awesome site! Thank you so much, I’ll continue digging into it! It looks a little bit like Polyvore 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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