Celebrity Look: Cameron Diaz

While I was looking at the Oscars red carpet pictures last sunday on JustJared (as you can see), I came across this picture of Cameron Diaz taken on Saturday morning, while she was around LA, so I thought ‘this looks like good material for my blog’, so here we are.

I decided to go for a casual look this time, since it’s actually pretty good in my opinion. Many celebrities don’t look exactly good once they’re back to the regular lives, I guess they tire of the Hollywood glam. However, I found this look refreshing. There’s no need to look awful when you’re ‘away’ from the spotlights, and that just earn Cameron more respect from me.

My mother always taught me that no matter where you’re going, don’t EVER leave the house with at least some little lipstick on, which was what caught my attention on this picture. She looks amazing even when she’s not walking the red carpet. I loooove the sandals, they’re so pretty! And the combination of those with the capri jeans have always been a favorite of mine.

I can honetly say the whole look is impeccable, even when is an informal look, and the best thing is: it works as inspiration. This is quite easy to ‘imitate’ or adapt to your personal style. Looks great for just going around shopping (quite comfy), or having coffe with friends. I LOVE that she’s wearing make-up, or least some lipstick from what we can see in the picture, that proves my mom’s right (LOL), and the hair looks perfect.

See, no need to lose your style on informal occasions. 😉


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