Man! I feel like a woman…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and wish a happy day to each and every one of my female followers and casual readers that come across the blog and support it.

Among many other topics fashion and beauty are two points in which women not only can discuss and share ideas but they have also been career inspirations for many of us. These are subjects in which we work hard but gladly and excel at; simply because for many of is not only about what’s in or what would get the most attention of the rest of the people: is part of who we are.

I’m proud and thankful of being a woman and being able to exploit the talents I possess as such in order to do what I love. I’m equally proud of all the women around the world who have taken their passion to the next level and share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of us. You are all an inspiration.

I’m thankful for every woman through the ages who has fought for our rights and speak their minds, so some lucky ones can live as equals nowadays; not every woman in the world has that privilege. Yet. I do hope and pray that someday we all, no matter color, religion or sexual orientation can say that the best thing about our lives, is being a woman.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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