Striking Man of the Week: Matt Bomer (White Collar Style)

White Collar‘ is definately one of my favorite tv shows; I truly believe it has it all: an engaging story, great locations, and a gorgeous man to look at the entire hour. Today however, we’re going to concentrate only on the leading man‘s wardrobe, shall we?

I’ve always had a thing for suits, so is not news that every time Matt Bomer is on tv sporting a perfectly tailored suit, I sigh. I think the wardrobe stylist totally nailed it with Matt’s outfits for the show, creating a classic but modern style that fits him perfectly.

I love how they manage to make every look perfect, he looks so dashing, and elegant, and what I like the most are the different, and sometimes surprising, color palettes they use on him. The fabrics are simply spectacular, even through the screen you can tell he’s not simply wearing a suit, but a luxurious piece of clothing.

For me, this has a giant A when it comes to wardrobe for a tv show, I have yet to see something out of place or something that doesn’t make me say: ‘Ohhh nice suit!’. They manage to put together some amazing outfits for Tim DeKay as well, so yes, this is what I call a very, very good work.

p.s: I so LOVE his Fedora hats 🙂

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