Accessory of the Week: Yellow Handbags

Designer Rebecca Minkoff tweeted this gorgeous yellow clutch the other day. I thought it was beautiful so I retweeted it, and got a reply from the lady running Shoe Closzet agreeing to this idea. I think yellow accesories can be quite beautiful and work very good if you want to highlight your outfit. As Kim (Shoe Closzet) said, if yellow shoes are too bold, you can always get a yellow clutch. So here, there’s a little collection of some I really like.

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Yellow is instantly related to summer, and it doesn’t necessarily work good with every color. However, there are a lot of oranges and other colors such as blue and fucsia that work good with it this season. Get inspired by the colors around you, nature has every color blooming at is best right now. There’s a particular sea inspired trend going on at the moment, and just the right yellow accessory can be that final spectacular touch you needed. So, as we wait for summer, let’s get a little of that shining sun in our look.

Check out Rebecca Minkoff’s website here


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