New York Bridal Week Highlights: Vera Wang

And the Goddess of wedding gowns does it again. This time she opted for a fiery collection adding colors from cardinal to crimsom. As usual, her designs are pieces of art. With lots of flowing fabrics, intricate details and that romanticism typical of Vera Wang‘s wedding gowns, the result a perfectly made gown for such an important day in a woman’s life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve always loved the details on her wedding gowns, you actually have to pause for a little and see the whole dress to make sure you don’t miss anything, which is in my opinion the kind of attention a bride should get. This collection is nothing short of dreamy, but the reds and fiery colors give a hint of spice to it. There are some embroidery as well for what I can see in the pictures adding more drama to the impressive design. Once again, simply perfect.

Check out the rest of the collection on Vera Wang’s Website


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