New York Bridal Week Highlights: Carolina Herrera

Finally I have decent pictures of this amazing collection. YAY!

As usual, a big favorite. Love the modernity of the whole collection. One of the designs is very much the same as one of her Spring RTW collections, but of course in the bridal ivory-ish color. Awesome idea in my opinion. One of the things I liked the most was the ‘bridal suit’, great great idea. As I always say not every bride is the same so there should be plenty of options frome veryone to pick from.

Another thing was that she didn’t restrict her collection to white (white is a bit boring in my opinion), there are different light tones and embellishments that give more personality to the designs. Lots of details, and different accessories, I think she went a liiitle bit further with this collection, there are non-conventional details in a ‘conventional’ design. I think there’s a little of everything in this collection. Hats were also part of it, as well as headdresses. Very very nice.


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