Vogue to encourage healthier body image

Yes, as I just read on Fashionista.com, the 19 international editors of Vogue have agreed on a particular, and in my opinion quite important, topic: The health and wellbeing of models and readers alike. Which translates in an effort to improve models working conditions and at the same time promote healthier body images for their readers as they let the public know in their Vogue’s Health Initiative Manifesto.

Of course, each editor‘s opinion and point of view regarding what looks ‘healthy’ for them is going to weigh on each decision. If you have seen the documentary ‘The September Issue’ which I highly recommend, you will know what I mean. There’s always a headmaster in every organization and their opinions are highly valued if not highly respected.

Having said this, and truly, with all my heart, hoping this works in the way most of us want it to; this is going to be nothing less than a spectacular change in the fashion industry. I know I’m not the only fashion enthusiast out there that is begging for a change, because seriously, it can’t be healthy to encourage girls to starve to death because that’s the trendy, sexy or best way to look.

I do believe fashion is made for everyone to adapt to their personal needs and styles, and fashion magazines, stylists, consultants and designers are supposed to provide a wide range of options for everyone, no matter the size, body type and so on.

I think, and this is my very personal opinion, that the whole social networks, tutorials, internet beauty gurus might have at least some tiny, little part on this, people to whom I say: THANK YOU! because you have given a real face to the fashion and beauty audiences; you’re not only providing real, every day opinion but encouraging and inspiring others to do the same in their unique way, no matter size or body type.

The complete initiative will be revealed on Vogue’s UK June issue.

Read Fashionista.com‘s complete article here


5 thoughts on “Vogue to encourage healthier body image

  1. Earth, Wind & Style says:

    I agree, this is such an important issue and it’s good to hear that beauty magazine editors are listening to their audience and going to make some changes. We can’t all be skinny little minxes!

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