Striking Man of the Week: Andrew Garfield

In a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière Spring 2012 suit, that it reminded me of the Spiderman suit (I’m crazy, I know), Andrew Garfield attended the Paris Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, along with his girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone (she didn’t look as good as he did though). This is certainly a bold move for any man, however, in my very humble opinion I think Andrew totally scored with this outfit.

We are used to the regular black, grey and navy blue suits, but this is a great, great way to draw attention and still look dashing. I’m not sure if it would look that good in an older man, but, for the young and still able to make stupid mistakes, this is big yes in my book. The berry color goes very good with his skin tone, and the light blue shirt was simply the perfect match. Shoes were very good as well. Amazingly done Andrew!

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