Alexander McQueen Resort 2013

Another overly luxurious collection for Resort 2013, this time by Alexander McQueen. I’ve seen quite some designs that belong to a red carpet here, any kind of red carpet by the way, either a premiere or an Academy Awards red carpet.

As with the menswear collection, the beauty of this whole thing are the prints, I simply LOVED the prints that give a futuristic look to the whole collection. There are also some structures and hard lines, especially for the suits, I loved those, I believe a good suit should be part of a woman’s closet and here we have quite some good examples of those, very inspirational for any working lady’s closet.

The dresses, are fantastic, and what took most of my attention where the belts, they’re simply fabulous and along with the prints are responsible for the futuristic look. In general it’s a very McQueen collection, quite extravagant and there’s nothing that suggests simplicity but at the same time, it’s actually quite wearable and worth a second look, again it has a lot to get inspiration from.

Check the rest of the collection here



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