Celebrity Look: Kristen Stewart

Ok, yes people, I totally loved this look. I think Kristen totally hits the mark when she has that rocky, tomboyish look. She certainly looks better, and more comfortable, than when she’s wearing a dress. What I liked about this outfit is that it’s very modern, very trendy and it can be easily adapt to anyone by combining the right colors, textures and accessories.

A Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013 jacket, leather pants and Christian Louboutin heels where the main thing of her outfit. The t-shirt worked perfectly with the whole ensemble, giving that careless touch. The most important thing is that she looked comfortable, which in turn makes her look great.

I don’t have anything particularly special to say about her make-up, it looked good but is not a spectacular make-up. The hair however, was one of favorite things: I’m usually yelling at the screen because Kristen seems to be purposely avoiding the salon (or the shower), but this time the unbound messy hair looked very, very good on her, and yes: I loved the braid.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Look: Kristen Stewart

  1. Hypia says:


    The outfit is really great! I’ll admit it, I love Kristen’s style – her “red carpet” looks are amazing, and I also like the things she wears when she is not at events.

    I’ll surely copy this hairstyle! Loved it!!!

    (oh, for the record: Ellen – @ellab_ – tweets about her cheating on Rob were the best ones I’ve read on this subject!)

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