New shoes!!

I think shoes are my favorite thing to shop for. Ok scratch that, it IS my favorite. I am one of those women who think there is no such thing as too many shoes but I don’t get new ones as often as would want to. Two weeks ago I went shoe hunting with my mom and here’s what we got:


Nine West ‘Prism’: Quite comfortable, casual and you can almost wear them with anything. The low wedge, again, won for the comfort purpose it will serve, however I think they’re very very cute, and they look good with jeans and skirts alike.


Aldo ‘Rushanan’: Remember I mentioned I was looking for a pair of nude sandals? Well here they are! This is my very first pair of Aldo shoes, (I’m a Nine West junkie, not to mention that’s pretty much the best you get here), and I’m quite happy with my purchase, They’re gorgeous! Love the heel, the color and whole design, I have some dresses to sew in mind, and I’m sure these would look lovely with those.


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