David Gandy goes Olympic

There I was calmly watching the Closing Ceremony and for no particular reason I told mom that David Gandy should be there. I honestly had no idea of what was coming a few minutes later. When the truck with the big Naomi Campbell picture came on I thought ‘this is going to be interesting’, and then BAM! there he was. Of course, the huge fangirl moment I had called for a post.

Wearing a Paul Smith golden/brownish suit, David along with other supermodels (which will have their post, don’t worry) graced the stage of the Olympic Stadium in London for the Closing Ceremony; which consisted on showing the very best of the British culture. Obviously, fashion couldn’t be left behind, there are huge British names in the designing and modelling arts that needed to be honoured.

I was very happy to see David, he is (in my very humble opinion) the very best male model in years. I never really liked male models until I knew about him. He’s so manly, and sexy and oh so stylish it just hurts to see him. So suffer a little with me, and enjoy the pictures.

The editorial pictures (the ones on the trucks) will be on British Vogue’s September Issue.


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