Girl Power!

You guys have no idea how excited I was when the Spice Girls were singing at the Closing Ceremony last night. Or maybe you have. I was 12 again! I think the whole performance was great from the cabs to the clothes, and they all looked amazing and so beautiful.

For me the very best thing of all was their outfits. Because it was like seeing a remastered version of what I loved when I was 12. I love how they maintained their ‘Spice Girls’ old vibe but without looking out of trend. With Victoria Beckham in that group that was kind of difficult I know, but anyways. I think they were amazing.

Some designers helped the ladies bring the awesome back in their signature styles, that I think we will all associate with each of them until the end of time. So here it goes:

Emma Bunton in Maggie Cooke: LOVED the bubblegum color! Baby Spice and futuristic glam in the same dress.

Melanie Chisholm in JD Sports: She did amazing, and quite trendy with that white jumpsuit.

Victoria Beckham in Giles Deacon: I’ll restrict myself to simply say she was FLAWLESS. I could go on and on about how awesome was her ‘new’ little black dress. Ten times more Posh than usual.

Geri Halliwell in Suzanne Neville: A FABULOUS way to pay homage to her classic Union Jack dress. Loved it!

Melanie Brown in Zuhair Murad: She was my favorite back in the day. And I LOVED her animal print catsuits and the hair. This was simply great, so glamorous!


4 thoughts on “Girl Power!

  1. Hypia says:


    Yeah, I also felt like a preteen again when they were performing!!!

    Too bad I didn’t see Gandy on TV (guess who wasn’t in front of the tv when he appeared?? 😦 ). I’ve seen some photos, and I have yet to find a video from the part when he was there!!!

    Loved the entire ceremony!



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