NYFW Highlights: Oscar de la Renta

This gentleman never EVER makes my work easy. I had a very hard time picking a decent amount of designs I liked to post here, and I kept trying to get the list shorter. But anyways, here we are.

I liked pretty much EVERYTHING from this collection, I will never get tired of saying that Oscar is simply a genius. Loved the colors, quite different from what we’re used to see in Oscar de la Renta‘s collections, there are great contrasts and beautiful prints that he mixed with some classic shapes and structures, and the final result was, in a word, fabulous. The fabrics were another surprise for me, Oscar decided to use some latex and I quite liked it, very clever decision, again mixing elements and making a great job.

His red carpet designs are gorgeous, and I’m quite sure we will see some (if not all) of them during the award season. Quite luxurious and feminine. Take a close look at the shoes as well. Very nice!

Check out the rest of the collection here


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