Coordinated Bridesmaids

This is a trend I’m loving more with every passing day. Just like Molly Sims did on her wedding day, you can make your bridesmaids wear different designs but maintaining a sort of sisterhood when it comes to color tones. Molly’s bridesmaids looked amazing! And I particularly loved the color and prints they picked.

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Remember that as their personalities are different, your bridesmaids body types are different. There’s nothing worse for a woman than trying to look good or even comfortable with a dress that doesn’t flatter her figure. So, let them look good, in the end the bride takes the whole attention so you’re safe.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes pretty much every color, then let them pick, and help them wear not only the best dress according to their body types, but also the best colors for her skin tone. They will be forever thankful.