Coastal Scents Goodies

This was my birthday ‘self-present’, I got it from Amazon like 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to give them a try before I wrote something about them. So far, so good.

The Contour Blush Palette works pretty good. I still have to learn how to propperly contour, but I’m working on it. The blushes are very nice, the only thing is that depending on your skin tone you might want to apply a little bit more of it. I have a medium complexion and contrary to my experience with MAC blushes (well duh!) I need a little bit more of the CS one.

Now the Lip Quads, I must confess I got those because I ‘noticed’ I had only like 2 lipsticks, and 4 lipglosses, and I went all ‘OMG how is this possible!’ on myself. So, I decided I would give them a try also, being so super cheap I was a bit nervous BUT, they are actually very nice. The colors are great and you can get pretty much the color you see on the palette, which made me insanely happy (I hate how some lipsticks look all bright and beautiful and once you apply them you can barely see the real color). If you have dry lips it can crack a little bit so, my advice would be to use a lip moisturizer before applying the color.

I think it was a very good present 😉


Make-Up Beauty of the Day: Adele for ‘Cosmopolitan’

I love Adele. I think she’s an amazing singer and on top of all she is this really powerful, strong and sexy lady. She looks fantastic on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, with what seems to be her trademark makeup: cat eyeliner, with a brownish eyeshadow. Plus, she looks all kinds of sexy with her leopard print dress from Dolce & Gabana. Just perfect!

To consider: this kind of makeup looks good in pretty much everybody and you can wear in in any situation and looks both elegant and sexy. Adele knows it!

Hope you liked it!

Make-up Beauty of the Day: Amber Heard

Before I even start I have to confess: I think Amber Heard is one of the most beautiful women ever and I was so sad when The Playboy Club was cancelled. The show was so adorable. Ok, not my real point in here…but I thought I’d say that first.

Well, Amber was in one of these hundred events that happens to the rich and famous and she looked absolutely stunning with RED LIPSTICK! I am totally in favor of the red lips power! I think that red lipstick is glamorous, sexy, feminine and did I mention power?!

Take notes from Amber ladies: flawless skin,  red matte lipstick, golden shimmery eyeshadow, just a touch of coral blush and you are ready to shine. It doesn’t get any better than that. And ladies, repeat after me: “red lipstick is good! red lipstick is your friend!”

She looks amazing! I just can’t stop looking at her. Really! And I am dying to know which lipstick she was wearing…If I had to guess, I would say Ruby Woo or Russian Red from MAC. Both are this kind of matte. Any guess from you guys? Lemme know!