Milan Fashion Week Highlights: Ermenegildo Zegna

Like Alexander McQueen’s collection, this is full of chic for boys. For Spring/Summer 2013, Ermenegildo Zegna brings a lot of sports outfits, bright fabrics and a lot of manly outfits. I loved the colors that were used for this collection, and the contrasts that were created, which are pretty good for a Spring/Summer collection. I’m quite happy in general terms with it because it has what I like in menswear: the MAN factor. A good suit can make the most ordinary guy look like a god, and this collection has that magical touch on it.

Now I’ve praised the whole collection, but there’s something I certainly didn’t like: why on earth should a great outfit be ruined by the absence of socks? I was discussing this with a friend of mine and he said: ‘I think that’s disgusting and uncomfortable’. That coming from a man, mind you. This is the only thing that made my eye twitch on this whole collection, I mean, socks are important in a man’s outfit, why take them away and ruin the whole thing? I don’t think it was laziness, but I don’t think it was a fashionable move either.

Check the rest of the collection here


Milan Fashion Week Highlights: Alexander McQueen

I think I may be one of the very few people who was not overly impressed by Alexander McQueen‘s designs. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t deny the man was a genius, and a true artist, it just wasn’t my thing. Now, I like to think they maintain his extravangance, but they’ve been going a little bit more to the not so weird side, which works very good for me. Maybe they go way over the top when it comes to women’s clothes, BUT, when it comes to menswear, I think me and the British fashion house are on the same track.

This Spring/Summer 2013 collection is, in a word, chic. The designs are classic and elegant including three piece suits, sweaters, trench coats and even hats. Prints are also a big thing on this collection, used to highlight the whole outfit, which in my opinion is a very clever way to add prints to men’s clothing. I like the colors very much, the classics black and blue, along with some pastels but again the prints are simply fabulous.

I can say I really, really like this collection. Even when it’s ful of classics, is quite modern, and what’s even better, no guy would do wrong wearing classics, so for any of my male followers and readers: this is a great inspiration for your wardrobe.

Check out the rest of the collection here

Striking Man of the Week: Andrew Garfield

In a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière Spring 2012 suit, that it reminded me of the Spiderman suit (I’m crazy, I know), Andrew Garfield attended the Paris Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, along with his girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone (she didn’t look as good as he did though). This is certainly a bold move for any man, however, in my very humble opinion I think Andrew totally scored with this outfit.

We are used to the regular black, grey and navy blue suits, but this is a great, great way to draw attention and still look dashing. I’m not sure if it would look that good in an older man, but, for the young and still able to make stupid mistakes, this is big yes in my book. The berry color goes very good with his skin tone, and the light blue shirt was simply the perfect match. Shoes were very good as well. Amazingly done Andrew!